Chairmain Scientific Committee Letter

Invitation from Scientific Chairman

The 6th Edition of the Pan Arab Endodontic Conference will be held in Morocco in the beautiful and touristic city of Marrakech from 23thand 25th January 2020. On this occasion, the scientific committee of the Congress that I have the honor to chair has developed a quality and varied scientific program in the tradition of previous Pan Arab congresses. The theme chosen: "Endodontics: Today and tomorrow" aims to reflect the exceptional impact of technological advances in the daily practice of endodontics today, but also for tomorrow. Some, such as rotary or reciprocating shaping techniques, the operating microscope, the CBCT are already part of the therapeutic armamentarium and contribute to improve the diagnosis and the clinical results. Bio-silicate materials, the use of lasers and / or ultrasound to optimize canal irrigation, guided endodontics, among others, open up new horizons in many areas of the discipline. All these aspects will be developed in the programme by the best current experts in order to make us share with pedagogy these last concepts and technologies. Driven by a dynamic organizing committee, this 6th Edition of the Pan Arab Conference offers a double opportunity for advanced training but also leisure in the beautiful and exotic setting of Marrakech.

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